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Our Little Movers Music and Music groups are the perfect opportunity for you to sing, dance, and explore with your little one! Offered to infants and toddlers, ages 2 months to 3 years and their parent(s)/caregiver(s), our Little Movers program has been thoughtfully designed to meet your child’s developmental needs. Using evidence-based techniques to support tummy time, rolling, and crawling, as well as gross and fine motor development, Little Movers provides a safe, enriching, and joyful environment for your little one to explore their world. We can’t wait to learn with you!

Wiggle Worms: 2-9 months

Class Meets on Friday from 11:00-11:30am

With age-appropriate activities for newborns, infants and crawlers, this parent-child music and movement class will help with your baby's development, and bonding with you and your baby. 


Busy Bees: 10-18 months

Class Meets on Friday from 10:15-10:45am

Give your little one extra confidence to move, groove, and explore new movements, while having fun with music and dance!


Budding Butterflies: 19-35 months

Class Meets on Friday from 9:30-10:00am

Creative play through singing, dancing, tumbling to enhance cognitive development and gross motor skills!


Join Us! Classes begin September 8th, 2023

Classes will be billed monthly.  You can drop any time with one week notice.

Class Fee: $65 per month with a $50 non-refundable annual registration fee.

Class size will be limited to 10 per class.


TAD’s Family Discount:

Siblings of equal or lesser value will receive a 10% discount on tuition.



All classes will be taught by qualified TAD staff members in consultation with a Child Development Specialist.

Mixed age group shown for demonstration only.

Audrey Hagopian-Hale, MSc

Audrey holds her Master of Science degree in Child Development and Education from the University of Oxford, England and she is currently a doctoral student studying child/school psychology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Audrey has worked as a school administrator and educator in a variety of settings, and she has a wealth of experience working with children from toddlerhood through adolescence. Audrey trained as a classical ballet dancer at the Triangle Academy of Dance for fifteen years, and she is excited to return to TAD as a co-creator of the Little Movers: Music and Movement program along with Amanda Parker.

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